When I was 20 I moved to Memphis with my dad.I was into music since a child.And I alway wanted to record a song.So a friend I knew in Memphis. TN. told me about Al Green studio on Winchester.So I cal there and talk to Mr.Willie Michell and Paul L.They were AL.Green producers then.So I just knew I wasn't gonna be able to get in a studio like that.Because I did't have much money with know job really.But to my surprise and the lord blessings.He Willie said come on we will be glad to help you.They introduce me to AL Green.I will never forget them.For showing me how to record and giving me a chance.I will never forget that for the rest of my life. Rip Wille Thank you.

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I Wish You Success My Brother!
You are blessed with so much talent! I feel blessed getting to know you....keep going, and go strong. You are awesome!


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