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Author Topic: Chronicles of Kenne' Wayne
Milk Man
(Moderator) posted 10/23/08 9:10 PM

Hey this is the Milk man and I want to give Kenne' Wayne many Props for Standing up and speaking his piece of mind about what's really going on in Southern Soul. Step back and let Me the Milk Man tell you what's on my mind.
Have you really been listening to Kenne' Wayne? Well it's time to set the record straight! I am the Milk Man and so get your milk and cookies and, pull up a chair. Kenne' Wayne is the last of his kind and, ready for the future. If you're a Kenne' Wayne fan I don't have to tell you about Albums like , Old Fashion Love, Love on Me, Love Down, Who Is It ,The Licka Sticka, Time to Get Loose or, You're The Best . Just like the Artist formally known as prince, Kenne' Wayne the man had to endure the Warner Bros. Slave Trade but, like Clark Kent a Superman emerged. Everybody listen close Kenne' Wayne is the next Gerald Levert on the R&B side and Tyrone Davis of Southern Soul {listen to luv to love ya"}or, Just go back and listen to the transformation of a Louisiana's bread southern soul Sanger, yes I said it Sanger! God rest his soul as in the words of out late departed brother Bernie Mac "I ain't scared of none of you Mother's"! Go
get that new Album do your homework Southern Soul Reporters Quit taking them "report my song calls," or asking the artist which song is hot Questions. Why don't you try listening to the whole damn CD yourself and, quit taking the under the table monies on this trash they calling a hit record. I am sick and tired of all these fly by night wanna be kings, bad boys, prince, wonder children, or, "You can't play that song that's my daddy song "Sounds like a Episode from Sanford and Son {I want my daddy records back}. Who me, I am no one special. I am just tired of all the separation when we should be trying to put Southern Soul on the Big Map. The sensual sounds of Kenne' Wayne has been have over looked, underestimated and, down right passed over by the hype these days of who is who! No Southern Soul fans, I am not on a bragging campaign for Kenne' Wayne .The Milk Man is just doing his damn job to bring site to the blind and heal the sick
of southern soul sickness. You know who you are. People wake up; it is time to separate the fakers from the shakers. Some of you eat on the road, live on the road and, make and living on the road. If you don't know what it means, then look at the price of gas and ask an artist how far they had to travel to bring a performance to you $.$$. Last time I checked no artist owned an oil well. What does this have to do with Kenne' Wayne, last time I checked He had seven albums. I think he is being disrespected in the Game? How you doing!!!!!!!!!! Some say Kenne' Wayne has never had a hit record well, if Sir Charles Jones, T. K Soul, Nathaniel Kimble (who is no damn kin to T.K Soul), Mel Waiters, O.B. Buchanan, have had a hit, then Kenne' Wayne has Damn show had one. Songs like The Party Ain't Over, Your Gonna Miss Me, A&B Conversation, Who Is It, Angel, Time to get loose, Party On The Weekend just to name a few. Somebody slap me if I am missing
something. Kenne' Wayne is one of the most stable and consistent artist that's in the Southern Soul Genre. Let's not forget his muscle vocals! Kenne' Wayne is one of the top vocalists in Southern Soul. He is on the level with artist like Willie Clayton, J. Blackfoot, and Ms. Shirley Brown to name a few. It's obvious today that talent or, a good song doesn't make a hit record. It's about who you know. All I am trying to say "Folks is, if you like good music, if you like to be entertained, than give this man his flowers while he lives. Don't wait until he is out of the business to talk about all the good things he has done. This message will self destruct the next time I here a bullshit album. Hey I am not trying to be rude but, the truth hurts, a lie makes you cover up with a lie and, when you tell the truth about some people, it is like giving them an old fashion ass whipping. Get with the program an start reporting the artist song
correctly cause, you would hate it if that privilege was taken from you. Once again I ask what's the problem with Kenne' Wayne? If you want to hit me up, have a complaint, an issue, and a problem or even want to give me some props for telling it like it is, hit me up Well Southern Soul Fans, I'll see you next week, and the week after that and the week after and YOU GET MY DRIFT????????? I want to here from you .
In closing I want to ask the Million Dollar Question "Got Kenne' Wayne"? Stay Tuned to Next Weeks Episode, Cause you ain't seen nothing yet.

Kim Cole posted 12/30/09 7:16 PM
What's wrong with Southern Soul, Kenne Wayne, and the music industry as a whole? People like you with their lack of knowledge of the industry and their short sighted views.
I am Kim Cole, Tour Manager for T.K. Soul. I don't usually comment on other people's opinions because it's just that, YOUR opinion, but when I read you rant I felt compelled to respond Kenne Wayne is a wonderful artist, we talked just recently prior to our Atl show. I had the opportunity to actually see his entire show, I was impressed by his performance and I told him so,He has some good songs which I have in my personal library. And..... T.K. Soul is the hottest artist in this circuit currently, not because he pays anyone, because the FANS say so. He carries the title " Bad Boy" because that's what the FANS call him. He's out here working because the FANS request him. Sir Charles Jones may have given himself the title " KING of southern soul but the FANS endorsed it. He works because that's who the people want to see.
No disrespect to any other artist but this is a business and the key to success in any business is marketing and HPYE, that's the main ingredient "HYPE" this is an attribute T.K. SOUL & Sir Charles Jones pocess.You can not demand attention, notiriety, or popularity, you have to work your product. You can't blame other artist for being sucessful! The one thing Kenne Wayne does not have is a gimmick, you can't be angry because others do. There are a lot of GREAT vocallist, singing in church choirs and their showers, It takes so much more than that. What T.K. and Sir Charles have naturally is "SWAGGA" and "SEX APPEAL" It's what makes Beyonce soar above Fantasia who is a stronger vocalist.
Every artist has "THEIR STYLE" what works for them may not work for someone else,what worked for them at one time may not work now, continued growth is contingent upon knowing what the audiance wants at all times.
Also, there seems to be a lot of talk about T.K.'s recent purchases, houses, cars, boats, buses, vans.... and the use of limos from time to time. Hey, that's his money! As the kids say, it ain't trickin if you got it. A lot of artist have habits, drinking, drugs, gambling, women, T.K. SOUL does not. He is a phenomenal money manager, His loyal staff is PAID! How and why would you knock him for spending his money on what he wants? I can not understand that, but I know it's been the topic of many T.K. Soul conversations. T.K. SOUL owns his own distribution & record label. ALL booking is handled in-house. His money stays in-house!
By the way, T.K. Soul has had 5 albums in a 7 year span, there are no real charts for this circuit, so the response of the fans in the audiance is how I measure a "HIT"
Meet Me at The Spot, My Kind of Girl, Where Jody Stay, Cheatin and Lying, U ring My Bell, Try Me, It Aint Cheating Til You Get Caught, Party Like Back In The Day, If You Dont Want Me, My Life, Rehab........... Are they Hits?
Yes T.K. Soul is a Billboard Artist, but that is not even the measure of sucess theses days, it's all about the FANS>

Thanks for your time, just venting, no hard feelings.

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Comment by Creole Diva of Southern Soul on January 3, 2010 at 11:58am
OK . . . as the “new girl on the block” it is clear to me that the genre of southern soul needs to change its thinking! The conversation about the “state” of southern soul is not a new one. I’ve had this conversation with my good friend Kenne Wayne. Lil’ Fallay and I have spoken at length about it also and concur that as artists, we are ALL very capable and have so much to offer the world! Rather than being distracted by small, we should all be about the BUSINESS of PRESERVING & EXPANDING the AUDIENCE & CONSUMERS of this music that we all love so much. The first way we can begin to do this is to begin to SUPPORT EACH OTHER . . . . network / negotiate / include / work with each other to determine how we will ALLOW the rest of the world to hear and see southern soul.

Yes, equal opportunity must be given to all artist to have their music heard and be included on shows. Next, WE need to make this genre a category in the GRAMMY’S We only need to (1) become members (2) apply for the category and (3) have at least 25 artists as part of this genre that can be up for nomination. WE CAN DO THIS ONLY IF WE WORK TOGETHER!

If we dare to lift our vibration to a higher one, we will see that THERE REALLY IS A PIECE OF THE PIE FOR EVERY ONE!!! If there are any southern soul artists, promoters, etc out there who are interested in making southern soul a category in the grammys, holla @ ya girl @

Peace & Love my sisters & brothers (it’s the only way) !

NEW CD COMING SOON @ 2010 - - -
Comment by The Boogie Report on January 3, 2010 at 10:55am
Right On Panga
Comment by Panganena Wilson on January 3, 2010 at 10:40am
WOW! My brothers, my sisters, STOP THE MADNESS! God has Blessed so many of us with talent/gift. There's enough listeners ffor all to enjoy. This is my opinion, "I think all of you who have recorded and become somewhat successful should be sending letter to the music industry inquiring as to why you're never listed on their list of "Great Entertainers" and never reconigized on any of these so called Grammys, BET Awards, etc. I've always wondered why so many of you have been dissmised and great artist.

So before you go any further with this unnecessary bashing of each other, use that energy to do something positive for the BLUES INDUSTRY.

Much Love to you all in 2010!


PS - listen out for me in 2010!
Comment by LEE ROY WARD on January 3, 2010 at 2:20am
Comment by The Boogie Report on January 2, 2010 at 12:07pm
Well Said Mr Sam
Comment by sam fallie on January 2, 2010 at 11:59am

And since you opened up this hoopla, I figured hey let me get some....."PUT MY FOOT IN IT" sorta speak,ahh me and O Bs new single (hint hint). I mean whats the problem here,all of the artist mentioned are good all of their music is listened to, so why can't we get along and respect each other make music and prosper. If one is better than the other let the fans say so.I've been out here struggling for two years looking for help from artist,promoters,DJs.under rocks,in bathrooms etc.......and I tell you it is hard, if you don't have money but if we ( the artist) would band together and stop this bickering (cause thats what it is,bickering) then the industry would be better, Do you, whatever YOU is, that's what makes you.Just entertain give the people their monies worth. Because if God blesses me to get my show out there just once on the circuit I will show you all how its done,and that is one man making it grabbing another hand pulling him or her up and so forth, not to mention the hellacious show I'm gonna put on, because I'm just that bad!!!!!!!!
I wrote and produced "YOU'RE THE BEST" GEORGIA PINE" WELCOME TO THE PARTY" etc for Kenny Wanye's last cd and I can tell you he is a super talent, Sir Charles and TK talent speaks for itself they have all made a mark, what needs to happend is the newer artist should be given a chance to show their stuff that is if they deserve it. Just because you got a cd dose not mean you automatically belong!!
Now in closing to promote myself, to you promoters, my songs "12 STEPS 4 CHEATERS" "VOICEMAIL" "LOOKING 4 LOVE" "DID YOU PUT YO FOOT IN IT" and SOMEBODY are songs that can stand on their on as well as songs I've written "I'M JUST A FOOL"(J BLACKFOOT & SIR CHARLES) "SAME WOMAN" (BLACKFOOT & ARCHIE LOVE) "YOU GONNA MAKE ME" (LACEE)etc.......So give some of us the opportunity to show what we can do I'm sure you're gonna find a diamond in the rough. ah yea look out for Falisa Janeye new cd that I also help write and produce.I'm telling you we're out here.
Thank Mr Sam
Comment by The Boogie Report on January 1, 2010 at 8:46pm
I don't know what yall are smoking over there but you need to STOP IT.
First of all It is my opinion that Kenne' Wayne is The Milk Man 18 months ago I encouraged Kenne' to write his feelings and post them to the rants and raves page.
at that time we didn't get any response and no action because the page was not properly indexed and promoted No one saw it.If we wanted to be deceptive or shady we could have taken the date off of the post when we merged it to the new site no deception there.

Now, The reason the post was migrated to the Boogie Report Reporters Blog is because now the time is right to address there concerns of Kenne Wayne and all the other artist
who feel slighted cause they are not booked on the major tours some of which would allow them to compete for the $10.000 Bonus like Julius Lewis of Heritage Entertainments is offering to the winners of these Southern Soul Battle Royals.

and I agree, Kenne and TK should be allowed to compete against Sir Charles Mel, Marvin and the others for the So Called Crown and Big Money .
The Championship Wrestling atmosphere might just be what is needed to put asses in the seats.

And as for the friction between different Southern Soul camps that's only natural It comes from the Blues Tradition Of "Cuttn Heads".. Kim Cole is an entertainment professional and she has a right to express her opinion like everybody else does.
I understand that Kenne and TK will share the stage soon maybe the matter will be settled there
I'm sure the fans will get a great show. When Kenne was venting to me about other artist that have put less work in and get more accolades than he I suggested he post his feelings. I told him The squeaky wheel gets the oil now all I got to add is don't cry when someone oils yo wheels.
and as for Kenne management I would suggest that instead of calling Boogie Shady.

you should channel efforts and energy to helping us develop this genre
Comment by The Boogie Report on January 1, 2010 at 8:32pm
FROM THE MANAGEMENT TEAM OF KENNE' WAYNEPosted by Kenne' Wayne's Management on January 1, 2010 at 7:18pm
Send Message View Kenne' Wayne's Management's blog
.Admin Options.FeatureEdit PostAdd Tags Cancel
Delete Post ..I recently received an email from Mr. Kenne' Wayne with a link to a blog post on Mr. Mason’s Network posted by Kim Cole, management for Mr. T K Soul. I had the misfortune of reading the blog post. What was on my mind to read such nonsense? It started off Author Topic: Chronicles of Kenne’ Wayne Posted by The Boogie Report on December 30, 2009 at 1:44pm.

What I don’t understand first of all, who posted the blog? Was it posted by Kim Cole or Mr. Mason or did they both type up the crap? Why would he pull out an article that was written by the Milk Man in October 2008 which would be over a year ago and posted on Mr. Mason’s rant and rave page on his main website, seems kind of shady to me. Obviously it wasn’t posted before because it would have been seen by now, because he has a habit of sending info from a year ago in his newsletter every week. So what really was the point of posting it now?

First of all, I read the Milk Man’s post and he was being real. But it seems as though it was his opinion about Mr. Kenne' Wayne. I did not see anywhere that it was Mr. Wayne’s opinion. How did Kim Cole come to the conclusion that this was Mr. Wayne’s opinion and not the Milk Man? How did you manage to sit for an hour to find the rant and rave page in the first place through that jungle of links?

Ms. Cole why would you bash Mr. Wayne and then you come back and say you’re his friend. I’ve never known any of my friends who would treat me in such a manner and before thousands of people. We’re not going to try to belittle you in the same manner as you’ve done Mr. Wayne, but understand we will not allow you to berate him. You obviously don’t understand the ramifications of your actions.

Mr. Mason you spoke with Mr. Wayne stating that you posted the blog because you felt it was good timing to try to attract attention from the promoter of The Blues Is Alright Tour and the booking agent that books acts for the tour. Also, you’ve stated that you wanted Mr. Wayne and Mr. T K Soul to compete for the Ten Thousand dollars. But the strangest thing is the post was on your rant and rave page on your main website and Ms. Cole was the only person who responded to it after 2 years. No one knew that it was on your rant and rave page until you copy and pasted it to your network blog and then sent the link to everyone to see it after Ms. Cole bashed Mr. Wayne.

Mr. Mason what’s even more strange is that Ms. Cole had already written her opinion on your rant and rave page on your main website. Why copy and paste the Milk Man’s 2 year old post onto your network and then Ms. Cole would rewrite her statement again on your network. As you stated to Mr. Wayne it was because the rant and rave page was not properly indexed on your main website and did not receive any response. So why not trash the article instead of bringing it to the attention of Ms. Cole. Furthermore why haven’t your posted previous rant and raves that did receive an immediate response?

Mr. Mason you also sent Mr. Wayne an email and asked what we were smoking. I will answer that for you, nothing at all. We are just not going to stoop to your level. We will continue to move forward and not bow down to you, ever.
You need to understand that we will not tolerate your behavior as well. If you are trying to destroy Mr. Wayne’s career with this simple blog post, please be aware that we will not back down. Mr. Wayne has respect for you and we demand the same in return from you and Ms. Cole. Although he can withstand critics from even the likes you and Ms. Cole he still maintains his professionalism. So, the next time you decide to pull such a stunt to promote your website and Ms. Cole promoting her artist, please show a more professional courtesy and contact his management team or Mr. Wayne.

In history as long as I can remember an artist with real talent never needed a gimmick. Natural talent is something you are born with and that doesn’t come with a gimmick. Swagga is something you develop without the assistant of gadgets, gimmicks and material things.

I never remember Tyrone Davis, Johnny Taylor, Marvin Gaye and Whitney Houston use gimmicks to sell tickets or music. Their natural ability to entertain was acquired at birth. No disrespect to anyone who uses gimmicks, but a natural born talent is what gives any artist longetivity. We must give Mr. T K Soul his props for his accomplishments in the last few years. But how can you compare the two. Each has their own ability to entertain in his own way.
Mr. Wayne has entertained in the industry for 15 years and has acquired fans around the world as well as several HITS on each CD. As the Milk Man Stated, Mr. Kenne Wayne is one the most stable and consistent artist out. You must be consistent and of course stable to maintain a presence in the industry at all times and this can be done without gimmicks. Showmanship, style and clean vocals are also part of an artist’s swagga. Since you haven't noticed, Mr. Wayne possesses each of these skills without gimmicks and has continued to gain fans at every show and with every CD he released. Is that swagga or what?

I will not go into the material things that Mr. Wayne owns because that is not our style. I will say for a fact that what he does possess isn’t in his manager’s name. We did not know any of this until you brought it to our attention. I have been told by several people that you were the one leaking this info. I learned at an early age that loose lips sink ships! Put a lid on it sister, because we can care less what he owns. Last I checked several other artists own the same possessions and more. It is not a big deal any more that we own these things. I always remember when my mom used to say, “You can tell when a joker never had nothing, because they always brag about it.”

For the record Mr. Wayne and Mr. T K Soul have been friends for the last 8 years since Mr. T K Soul came on the scene. Mr. Wayne is proud of Mr. T K Soul accomplishments and any other artist that is on the grind. But Mr. Wayne has always preached that when one come up, we all come up and that has been since I’ve met him 3 years back. He has always been about making this genre more popular by getting fresh and new artists to step up. He also has tried to break up the monopoly in the industry so that artists can advance within this genre.

You want to know what’s wrong with the Southern Soul Industry. There are a lot of artists out here that are struggling and are being lied to by folks claiming they can help make them a star, but really only taking their money. We need to get rid of their ancient ways of promoting and managing artists. We also need to put a chain on people who are pimping the artist and get rid of those that want to charge a fee to play their music. Think about it, when all the artists have pimped and used up, where we will get the music from.

Last but not least, I would like to wish you and everyone a blessed New Year. So let’s come together and stop being divided!
Like President Obama Said, “It’s time for a change”. Swagga On That!

From The Management Team of Mr. Kenne Wayne
CEO of operations,
Ms. Breezy Love
Comment by Kim Cole on December 31, 2009 at 11:08pm
WOW!! I never thought this would ignite such a flame. Family, let me tell you, Kenne' Wayne is a friend of mine. There are no hard feelings between us. He and I had this identical conversation face to face a few weeks back. I got nothing but love for this man. And.... in a lot of ways I agree with themilkman about radio airplay. It is what it is...HAPPY NEW YEARS!! Family, much love to all.
Comment by Dee Robinson on December 31, 2009 at 2:03pm
I agree totally with Charlie Brown. I, too, am a songwriter and lyricist. I embrace subtlety and allusion rather than phrasing that is "in your face".

I'm also glad the tone of the conversation changed from personalities to the genre as a whole. It is always best to move forward by exhibiting growth and appreciation for your art, and that includes Southern Soul. No one person is going to be everything to everybody, but each person's gift is certain to please somebody. On the other hand, it is undeniable that some personalities shine brighter than others, and it has very little to do with real talent. Philosophically speaking, each person's destiny is his/her own, and has little to do with anything else.

The music business is about business, and whoever has the best business model wins. Unfortunately, it is precisely that concept that sometimes leaves extremely talented artists pushed out by marginalized performers. Why is that? It's just the way it is.

By the way, Charlie, I went to your site to check out your music, and you really are good, lyrics and all.

We are dedicated to the preservation of the original true american musical art form"The Blues" Specializing in Southern Soul Blues Music


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