"PooNanny and the Birmingham Finest Musicians Scholarship Fund

Charles de Gaulle once said, "Nothing great will ever be achieved without great men,and men are great only if they are determined to be so." Our dad,Hubert Joe Burns, better known as "Joe PooNanny" or "PooNanny " truly was a great man AND a determined man. We want to honor his legacy by establishing "PooNanny and the Birmingham Finest Musicians Scholarship Fund in his honor. We will do this by hosting an annual free event where we invite the locals of Birmingham and the surrounding area to come and celebrate with us .
This year the event will be held on Sunday, August 30,2015 at Avondale Amphitheater park .Our live entertainment will be the Birmingham Musician.

PooNanny was a successful entrepreneur whose accomplishments were many. His career spanned over three decades and he summed it up in one phrase: I have always been in the race,I've just been outside the track.
PooNanny indeed marched to the tune of a different drummer. In fact,after being inspired by the movie, 
"Gene Krupa Story", his musical career began as a
teenaged drummer, later putting together his own band
"PooNanny and the Stormers"His playing inspired peoples to want to move and groove! My father was a real joy!

He eventually signed on with Southeastern Attraction and became a very successful band and night club owner for many years with businesses that thrived.
PooNanny loved to dream BIG and he prospered at whatever his hand touched. He continued to expand his career by singing and song writing.
In the 90'she signed with Malaco Records .But,he  continued to dream and left Malaco to start his own label
Which he named Sh(eyeball)t Talking Records.

Always thinking outside the box and desiring to move to the next level PooNanny went on to fulfill what he felt was his calling: he became a blues comedian and a all -around 

Although Joe PooNanny's earthly life came to an end on August 27,2014, his name and legacy continues which was his desire. It has been written that PooNanny once commented," How could I possibly die and not leave this world something with the name PooNanny on it .
He truly lived a selfless life with a strong desire to always give back to the community.
He did this by sharing his God given gifts and talents to teach other musicians how to be excellent in their crafts...
And they did! The community and the nation has benefited from all the positive seeds that he sowed into the lives of so many.

As stated earlier, we want to see PooNanny's legacy continue by establishing the "PooNanny and the Birmingham Finest Musicians Scholarship Fund"
The fund is to provide scholarships yearly for students to assist them in becoming awesome musicians.

We need your help in making this annual event a success.
Would your organization be willing to provide_____________ 
For our August 30,2015 day of fun entertainment?
The event will be held at Avondale Amphitheater park
From 5:00 to 9:00.

Thank you in advance for your support and consideration of our request. We look forward hearing from you.

Sincerely Requested,
Ms Anita Burns
Daughter of PooNanny
Burns Family Representative
245 Amethyst Ct
Atlanta Georgia 30349 

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