Urban Variety Universe is now called UrbanVarietyUniverse.com

Yes, I added the dot-com to the page so that you can check out the music variety that is far better than the one-name stations (I'm afraid that some of them died out from existance -- slowly!)

I have decided to mark the target date for my new blues and southern soul program, The Grown Folks Lounge. It will debut Saturday afternoon August 15th from 12noon-4pm central time. It appears that I have almost enough blues and southern soul product to make it part of UrbanVarietyUniverse.com's programming schedule. I have more to deliver with other programs. So if you have a song you want to contribute to the growing list of "grown folks music," submit your jam to my e-mail address at doctorlvproductions@live.com. And I do read them everyday.

So just to let you in on what my programming schedule for UVU is, I'll give it to you right here:

7am-7pm: Reggie Gay Gospel Show (via ReggieGay.com)

Regular music program schedule 24/7

Saturday (8/15)
12n-4pm: The Grown Folks Lounge with Doctor LV

Keep in mind that Urban Variety Universe plays not only the best of R&B, it's also mixed in with pop, rhythmic, slow jams, inspirational, blues and southern soul.....It's a melting pot of "music variety that has no color."

Yes, I know......it's that unusual.

Now that we have that out of the way, check out the site. It's almost like what I did at WBAD except I added more music variety to the mix. Whenever I come on other than the Grown Folks Lounge, you will be informed in advance.

Until next time, let's get groovin'!

To listen to Urban Variety Universe, go to the Listen Live page and before you click on the microphone, download the Destiny Media Player. The instructions on the page will walk you right through it. It's best to listen to it by Destiny Media Player as opposed to the Web Tuner (otherwise, it would sound like you're listening to the broadcast by telephone....yeah, it's that bad--but if you want, go for it!).

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