You woman to me is my world, a love so deep that I can't explain.. eternal lovers for life. In you I found the reason to live beside life has no end ... you planted in me the love making smile my heart is forever our love ... where roses smelling perfume I stole from you, I can't live without you. Our love are details that neither time can erase, it is written in the stars shining without ceasing. Some people say I'm an eternal romantic and dreamy ... it's not my fault I was born this way. Woman I want to love you until the end of my days ... you're the key that opens my always believed that the world is me and you, without fear of everything and face what is to come, walking side by side in this world without end. Woman you are sin and tenderness, the light illuminating my way, achievements, sorrows and joys, your purity, beauty, curve my desire is the Crystal Pearl which houses in my heart ... you wife.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  You woman_Texto_Sidnei Mercy

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